Who’s Here

Who’s Here

Our tenants themselves are a cluster of biology and chemistry-based businesses, working across multiple disciplines within life sciences, from drug discovery to diagnostics to digital health.

3D Bio-Tissues spun-out of Newcastle University in 2019, and their current focus is to develop corneal, muscle and skin tissue equivalents from human and animal cells, to bypass the need for synthetic materials. Their technology is the outcome of more than 20 years of pioneering research and works by applying novel bio-inspired manufacturing processes to generate complex structures. The team’s goal is to create structured, functional, and scalable bio-equivalent tissues for both clinical and industrial use. Their lead product is a human derived corneal tissue product that aims to address the chronic world-wide shortage of sight-saving donor corneas


Alcyomics Logo

Alcyomics is a Newcastle based unique pre-clinical service provider using Skimune®, non-artificial human skin explants for predicting adverse immune reactions as well as determining efficacy of novel compounds including   pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.

Their mission at Alcyomics is to provide novel solutions for pre-clinical drug safety and efficacy testing for therapeutics including cellular therapies which is also extended to the chemical and cosmetic industries. As a Service provider Alcyomics aspires to take the lead in providing unique screening services using human in vitro skin explant assays enabling more cost-effective commercialisation of products and or drugs. Alcyomics development pipeline includes drug discovery disease modelling for the identification of novel drug targets.

They also offer a consultancy service of how the pre-clinical data can be used to assist clinical trial development such as dose response and assist in developing stratified medicine/ precision medicine approaches to patient selection. Alcyomics technology is also a reliable alternative to animal testing for safety and potency assessment of novel compounds.


AMLo Biosciences was founded in 2017 by a team with an internationally acclaimed track record of melanoma research, identification of translational biomarkers, drug discovery and development of biotech companies.

AMLo Biosciences’ initial product is a ground-breaking prognostic melanoma test named AMBLor®, which is due to go to market in 2021. AMBLor® will help improve outcomes for melanoma patients by detecting metastatic potential amongst early stage skin cancers. Used in all patients with early stage melanoma it could save 2,000 lives in the UK alone, every year. AMLo also has prognostic indicators for other skin cancers to help stratify individual risk and guide therapy to optimise survival outcomes.


Atelerix Logo

Atelerix has a transformative technology for the storage and transport of viable cells at room temperature, overcoming the barriers and limitations presented by the current need for cryo-shipping.

We use alginate hydrogels to encapsulate biological products, protecting them from biochemical and physical damage during storage and shipment. We can hold cells and tissues at room temperature for up to two weeks, effectively placing them into a state of hibernation.


Biberchem Research Logo

BiBerChem are highly experienced in synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry, their medicinal chemists have been involved in several drug research projects with pharma and academic collaborators.  Additionally, their company scientific director Professor Bernard T Golding has published more than 500 publications, his main research areas include synthetic methodology, enzyme mechanisms, drug design and mechanistic toxicology. 


CellulaREvolution spun-out of Newcastle University in 2019 and are currently working on bringing their continuous cell culturing technologies, that aid the production of ‘clean meat’ to the market. This revolutionary new approach could transform this industry, as the company’s bioreactor enables large quantities of adherent cells to be grown or manufactured. This technology means cells can be created more quickly and efficiently to produce products such as lab-grown meat – an environmentally friendly food source alternative to meat. CellulaREvolution’s technology can also be used in the cell therapy and biologic field to scale-up cell production, reducing carbon footprint and resources.


Demuris logo

DemurisTM has a large portfolio of drug projects and state-of-the-art platform technologies in natural product discovery, design and production. The rise in drug resistant pathogens is causing serious health concerns and an increasing economic burden. There is a growing demand for new agents to treat these evolving diseases.

Demuris is developing a suite of new antibiotic compounds active in key areas of unmet medical need. They have recently secured £342,160 from Innovate UK to continue to develop a new antibiotic to treat drug resistant forms of the disease (known as MDR-TB).


Explantlab Logo

ExplantLab combines advanced engineering analysis, cutting edge genetic technology and AI to improve medical device performance. It is the only independent lab in the United Kingdom where patients may have implants removed from their body (“explants”) analysed.

ExplantLab provides funding and technology for the NHS portfolio research project “The Northern Retrieval Registry (NRR)”.


iksuda logo

Iksuda Therapeutics is a developer of next generation Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of difficult to treat solid tumours. Iksuda’s portfolio is centred on its proprietary conjugation chemistry, PermaLink® which, by leveraging its unrivalled stability profile, has allowed the company to access a range of tuneable, ultra-potent payloads, with the goal of significantly improving the therapeutic index of this important modality in the treatment of cancer.

The company is currently advancing its lead candidate IKS01, a Folate Receptor targeting ADC, which demonstrates significant clinical differentiation and plan to enter clinical trials in 2021. The company continues to build a broader, clinically differentiated portfolio of ADCs and anticipates nominating its second target for pre-clinical/clinical development in 2020.


jiahua logo

Jiahua is a leading independent Chinese Specialty Chemicals manufacturing group. The HQ and R & D Centre are based in Shanghai. The main industries currently supplied are Urethanes, Surfactants and Construction Chemicals. They have offices and China, Dubai, Philadelphia and Newcastle.


MDNA Life Sciences Logo

MDNA Life Sciences is a pioneer in the science of mitochondrial DNA. Their mission is to create an extensive portfolio of proprietary tests that dramatically improve diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and monitoring. Putting an end to the unnecessary surgical procedures, pain and uncertainty that affect patients across the world.


Newcells Biotech logo

Newcells Biotech develops in vitro cell based assays for drug discovery and development. Using our expertise in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), cellular physiology and organoid technology to build models that incorporate the “best biology” for predicting in vivo behaviour of new drugs and actives.

Our experts have developed and launched assays to measure transporter function, safety and efficacy in a range of cell and tissue types, including kidney and retina. We have the capability to develop and implement in vitro protocols to measure drug transport in the kidney, assess nephrotoxicity, retinal toxicity and model disease using human and a range of preclinical species.


Newchem Logo

NewChem is an innovative chemical company which specialises in commercial applications for organic chemistry. NewChem Technologies works with industry and academia to develop and deliver new breakthrough products in synthetic chemistry.

They work with a wide variety of companies in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology, veterinary science and agrochemicals. They emerged as a spin-out from Newcastle University School of Chemistry and retains the culture of curiosity and intellectual enquiry inherited from our academic roots.


The team at the Innovation Lab are working on the next stage of Covid science, in particular speeding up the development and use of new diagnostic tests. The Innovation Lab works with NHS, healthcare and university partners at local, regional and national levels and has links with industry organisations at a local to international level. The team’s focus is to coordinate capability and ideas across these different sectors. They can provide unique access to facilities designed to accelerate the mass development and implementation of improved diagnostic testing, helping in the short term to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and in the long term to provide greater resilience for fighting future pandemics. Innovation Lab scientists can provide access to everything needed to safely develop new diagnostics, including a high-tech testing and simulation area and access to a bank of biological research samples.


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