The team at AMLo Biosciences has been developing a prognostic test for early-stage skin cancer. The test predicts the likelihood of a melanoma spreading, or returning, and is due to be on the market next year. As a result, patients who are genuinely at low-risk of disease spread can be provided reassurance and better-informed follow up care, while those identified at risk of metastasis are enabled to receive timely treatment.

The company was founded by Newcastle University, based on the work in Professor Penny Lovat’s laboratory. Newcastle University prides itself on its civic responsibilities and AMLo Biosciences mirrors that ethos, aiming to create new jobs and opportunities in the North East.

They chose The Biosphere for its modern and flexible laboratory space and central location to Newcastle University, as well being within the thriving Helix eco-system of similar and complementary organisations in the medical, health and pharmaceutical sectors, providing a community for the company to collaborate and grow their international presence.

“The Biosphere was an ideal location for us, being close to the university and an outstanding hospital trust, as well as easy international and national connections via the airport and train networks, which are both under 20 minutes away. The flexible space is surrounded by a growing £1.5bn eco-system, ideal for a young company looking to grow. By being based on Newcastle Helix we have access to world-class science research, national facilities and complementary organisations which make it a very attractive location for an early stage company with ambitions to collaborate and grow”.

“Too many people think you need to be based down south to be successful. We want to grow AMLo’s operations and international presence from Newcastle and play our part in creating jobs and opportunities for local people. We currently employ fewer than 10 people, but we have significant growth aims for our Newcastle office and laboratory.

Our priority is to get AMBLor to market to help improve outcomes for melanoma patients and in the longer term we are looking to expand this product range for other cancers. We are delighted to join and help grow the life science sector in Newcastle.”

Dr Marie Labus, Chief Executive Officer of AMLo Biosciences