Atelerix have developed a transformative technology for the storage and transport of viable cells at room temperature, overcoming the barriers and limitations presented by the current need for cryo-shipping. They span out of Newcastle University and incorporated the business back in 2017 and have now grown to a team of eight people.

They use alginate hydrogels to encapsulate biological products, protecting them from biochemical and physical damage during storage and shipment. This allows us to hold cells and tissues at room temperature for up to two weeks, effectively placing them into a state of hibernation – just like the African four-toed pygmy hedgehog, genus Atelerix! 

They span out of Newcastle University and chose to keep their R&D activity in the city.

“Newcastle has a number of exciting biotech companies producing disruptive technologies. For us, it was important to remain close to the expertise and connections that the city and sounding area offers. The city also has a great reputation for its cell and gene-based therapy units producing progressive treatments. The combination of novelty and expertise makes Newcastle a stimulating place to be.

“The Biosphere offers a perfect environment for us to expand our team and grow our operations in new facilities. Our labs are excellently positioned with good access to transport links and proximity to Newcastle University. We hope that being in a hub with other biotech companies will be a catalyst for new ideas and opportunities.”

Mick McClean, CEO, Atelerix

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