The team at Biosignatures has been developing software and processes to enable them to provide timely, actionable insights that enable large numbers of people to optimise their longer, healthier, and more active lives. Saving billions by avoiding costly late stage treatment and reducing economic losses due to ill health thus reducing the burden on the NHS and economy.

They chose the Biosphere for its cutting-edge lab facilities and central location. They were also impressed with the high concentration of local bioscience and prestige associated with being located on Newcastle Helix with likeminded businesses.

“Having grown up in the North East, I recognise there’s a large pool of high-quality individuals graduating at the numerous excellent universities.  These graduates and professionals feel a great loyalty to the area which makes it perfect for developing a stable business built with a motivated team.

There are excellent transport links within walking distance of The Biosphere and a highly networked bioscience scene.  To me being located outside the golden triangle, there is a higher output per pound investment in life science resulting in better value for money, important from an investor and consumer perspective. The life science sector has developed rapidly in Newcastle in recent years, specifically after the investment in Newcastle Helix which brings opportunities for investment and collaboration for small businesses.”

Dr David Bramwell, CTO, Biosignatures Ltd