Atelerix Limited, which develops and markets innovative solutions for the storage and transport of cells, tissues, and viruses at hypothermic temperature (without freezing) is pleased to announce they have signed a commercial agreement with a major advanced livestock breeding company, RAFT Solutions Limited.

Atelerix encapsulation technology has continuously shown promise in multiple applications in the life science industry. For the past year, Atelerix has also been collaborating in a research program with RAFT Solutions and cattle breeders in Canada to develop products for the preservation and transport of germplasm for use in livestock breeding programs. The planned products, which would avoid the high costs and logistical challenges of using cryopreservation, would be used by both large and smaller breeders who don’t have access to or want to avoid the use of cryopreservation. The research program has reached a satisfactory stage in terms of the results being achieved, and both parties have entered into an agreement whereby RAFT Solutions shall have the first option to become the exclusive licensee of the licensed rights globally for the sale of products designed for the transport of bovine and porcine germplasm related to fertility in livestock species.

The research program will run through to the end of the year, which will enable Atelerix to perfect its solution ahead of commercialisation.

The marketing and commercialisation of a range of products are anticipated to be from 2024 onwards.

“We have long believed in the wide breadth of applications for Atelerix technology, and we are excited that our innovative encapsulation technology will be used to develop new products for the transport of germplasm relating to fertility in livestock species. I look forward to working with Jonathan and the team at RAFT Solutions”. Debra Leeves, Executive Chair – Atelerix

“RAFT has long championed sustainable livestock farming and we are clear that sustainable food relies on reproductive success and a good fit between genetics and a particular farming environment. Genomics and advanced breeding techniques offer a huge range of genetics to precision match a farm system. However, germplasm is extremely fragile and liquid nitrogen transport is both hazardous and expensive. We are therefore very excited at the prospect of working with Debra and the team at Atelerix in developing such new innovation in safe and inexpensive transport of germplasm”. Jonathan Statham, Chief Executive – RAFT Solutions

Atelerix Ltd.

Atelerix offers an innovative approach to the storage and transportation of fresh cells, tissues, and viruses meeting the varied needs and demands of our customers by extending the time that biological samples can be stored at hypothermic temperatures. Atelerix’s focus is to protect its customer’s biological products from biochemical and physical damage while maintaining a consistently high yield, viability, and functionality.

RAFT Solutions Ltd.

With a highly experienced team within the livestock production industry, RAFT focuses on keeping sustainability at the heart of its business. Using innovative research and advanced breeding, they offer enhanced training and precision livestock farming (PLF) solutions for food sustainability for farmers, vets and industry colleagues around the world.