Technology disrupter CellRev have appointed Ralph Pickles, former executive at ICI, CEO of Quorn Foods, and President of Sensient Technologies Corporation, as their first Non Executive Director.

CellRev is a biotechnology company with a focus on process intensification of cell manufacturing. The company, which spun out of Newcastle University in 2019, has developed an innovative cell detachment technology that has facilitated the transition to continuous manufacturing of adherent cells. The company’s continuous biomanufacturing solution can increase bioreactor productivity versus incumbent batch technologies.

This announcement is on the back of an extremely successful 2022 which saw the company raise further investment, build a high-calibre interdisciplinary team, and sign up several parties to feasibility studies alongside significant technology development.

Chris Green, CEO stated, “It feels timely that we appoint someone with Ralph’s experience to the board. We have very ambitious plans and a huge 2023 ahead of us; it is important to strengthen the team at every level. Ralph’s experience will be invaluable to the company and perfectly complements our existing board members.”

Biomanufacturing is increasingly seen as a solution to both planetary and human health. CellRev, a deeptech enabler, sits at the intersection of two revolutionary and high growthindustries, Cellular Agriculture and Cell Therapies.

Ralph Pickles, CellRev NED, shared,

“Personally, I must find the company interesting to make a commitment and I’m pleased to say that it didn’t take CellRev long to pique my curiosity. It was extremely easy to agree to support such an exciting and potentially transformative project. I look forward to playing my part.”

Whether developing a new sustainable food system or a lifesaving cell therapy, CellRev provides the technology that can make a real difference. Their disruptive new biomanufacturing approach increases yield while decreasing operating costs and capital expenditure. A breakthrough in scalable, cost-efficient bioprocessing. Specifically, CellRev’s technology will be of critical importance in establishing cultivated meat as a realistic, viable and attractive alternative to factory farming in meeting the world’s growing demand for food.