Technology disrupter CellRev, previously known as CellulaRevolution, which aims to revolutionise cell cultivation has undergone a complete brand refresh as they continue to ready their technology for the market.

CellRev is a bio & foodtech company that was spun out of Newcastle University in 2019 that has developed an innovative technology founded on the ability to continuously grow, detach, and collect adherent cells. Their continuous bioprocess has the potential to deliver 3x the output and significantly reduce CAPEX and operating costs versus incumbent batch technologies.

They believe that their enabling technology will be of critical importance in building a new equitable and sustainable food system and advancing cell therapy treatments.

It has been a busy year for the company with the team doubling in size and an additional lab secured in preparation for the scale-up of their bioprocessing technology. This all follows the company’s successful fundraise of £1.75m in March 2022.

Ajay Tharakan, Head of Bioprocessing stated, “It is imperative that we do not let technological limitations halt progress when so much is at stake. Our novel continuous bioprocess provides a scalable and cost-efficient route forward for cultured meat. It is an exciting year for the business as we get ever closer to commissioning our first pilot plant.”

Cultivated meat producers continue to face countless challenges as they strive to achieve price-parity with conventionally grown meat. The upstream technologies developed by CellRev will be of critical importance in establishing cultivated meat as a realistic, viable and attractive alternative to factory farming in meeting the world’s growing demand for food.

Martina Miotto, co-founder & CSO, said,

We have spent the last 3 years working behind the scenes to develop a technology that can address scalability challenges within the nascent cellular agriculture field and predicted supply bottlenecks in cell therapies. We have had a tremendous start to 2022 and our new visual identity perfectly reflects the progress we are making as a business. Proud is an understatement”