The Biosphere is home to several leading life science businesses including Iksuda Therapeutics, NorthGene, Jiahua, MDNA Life Sciences, Northern Retrieval Registry, Alcyomics, Atelerix, Newchem, Biberchem and Demuris.

NorthGene who are a leading provider of DNA-based relationship testing and human identity services were among the first companies to move into The Biosphere. They needed cutting-edge lab facilities to support the rapid growth of their business and the expansion of their testing repertoire.

Ryan Wetherell, Operations Manager said: “Newcastle is the ideal place for a growing life science business. The city has a strong reputation for research excellence led by two outstanding universities, four national centres of excellence and one of the UK’s leading NHS trusts. Additionally, Newcastle has great local and national transport links which are essential for our ‘direct to consumer’ testing services.”

“The Biosphere is in the heart of a supportive, business community that actively collaborates and pulls in the same direction to achieve shared growth. Newcastle’s life sciences community is thriving, helped in no small part by the supportive infrastructure provided to growing Biotechnology industries.”

They are joined by Iksuda Therapeutics, who are leading the way in creating next generation biopharmaceutical drugs that target difficult to treat cancers.

Dr David Simpson, Co-founder and CEO at Iksuda Therapeutics said: “We were actively looking for centralised laboratory space to enhance our position in the bio tech space. Once the region had committed to the build, and with the opportunity to create a bespoke space for Iksuda our relocation to The Biosphere was never in doubt. As well as the specialist cutting edge facilities, the eco-system at Newcastle Helix was a key driver for us. The model for clusters and scientific centres of excellence is well proven globally to enhance the success rates of biotech companies. The region has a growing biotech cluster and is well positioned to access key technical skills needed to deliver our research programmes. We are delighted to be part of the Helix community and a fast-growing life science sector here in the North East.”

The Biosphere is based on Newcastle Helix – a landmark 24-acre hybrid city quarter in the centre of Newcastle, built for international tech and science businesses, the local community and residents.