Startup SAFARI is a globally successful platform to showcase and inspire local startup ecosystems. By getting up close and personal, we give businesses the chance to discover potential innovation partners in new technologies, products and services, find talented employees or employers and investment opportunities locally. For the first ever UK Startup SAFARI, we selected the vibrant Newcastle & Gateshead scene. From 21-23 May 2019 local startups, companies, co-working spaces, universities and accelerators will open their doors and host tech talks, creative interactive learning workshops, job fairs and exhibitions.

Over the 3 themed days we are aiming to host over 20 Startups at 3 distinctive locations:

– Day 1 – Life & Health Sciences @ The Biosphere

– Day 2 – Creatives Expo @ TusPark Floor 4

– Day 3 – Immersive Tech @ Proto

For the full agenda visit: